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Delta40 Investor Dinner Series: Cultivating Connections

Starting in 2024, Delta40 embarked on a journey of intentional ecosystem building, aiming to foster strong synergies among key players in the African entrepreneurial landscape. As part of this initiative, we were thrilled to launch our Delta40 Investor Dinner series, designed to bring together investors, co-investors, the Delta40 team, and our portfolio companies in an engaging and collaborative setting.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  1. Showcase Our New Portfolio Companies: the dinners served as a platform to introduce and highlight the innovative ventures within our portfolio, offering attendees a firsthand look at the diverse range of projects we support.

  1. Update Potential Investors: we aimed to provide comprehensive updates on the progress Delta40 has made thus far, showcasing our achievements, milestones, and future plans to potential investors interested in joining our mission.

  1. Connect the Investor Community: by bringing together investors and co-investors from various backgrounds and geographies, we facilitated meaningful connections and networking opportunities, fostering a supportive and collaborative investor community.

  1. Raise More Equity: building on our fundraising efforts from 2023, we continued to seek investment for the Delta40 Studio to fuel our mission of investing in inclusive climate ventures, providing tailored support to founders, and launching ecosystem-building initiatives.

Reflecting on the Inaugural Dinner:

The inaugural Delta40 Investor Dinner, held last week, was a resounding success, bringing together investors, portfolio companies, and key ecosystem players in a vibrant celebration of collaboration and commitment. Founders such as Jean-Claude (Lori Systems), Dr. Linda Davis (Giraffe Bioenergy), Clinton Obura (Samaking), and Roy Njoka (Terralima) shared their inspiring journeys and the incredible ventures they're building, underscoring the impact of our work in driving innovation across Africa.

Guest speakers, including experienced angel investors and ecosystem leaders, provided valuable insights and reflections on the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa. The dinner served as a platform for thought-provoking conversations, fostering connections and collaboration among attendees.

Some highlights from the Dinner included; Layla's Perspective, an angel investor with 20 years of experience and a portfolio of 30 companies, shared her insights. Recognizing the challenges entrepreneurs face, she emphasized the importance of valuing and supporting them, urging investors to see them as assets and creators of jobs. Another participant shared his journey from entrepreneurship to investment. He highlighted the need for accountability and applauded Delta40's impact in driving positive change. Despite existing challenges, he expressed optimism for the future of venture capital in Africa.

Additionally, Lyndsay emphasized the importance of mobilizing more capital in Africa and engaging additional Limited Partners (LPs) to fund ventures. This sentiment was echoed by Milton Lore from Open Capital, who emphasized the significance of intentional investment and legacy building. She also acknowledged investors' contributions, expressing gratitude for their support. With $6M raised and a goal of 15 African investors, she encouraged further investment, thanking partners like Autodesk and Novo Nordisk for their support.

As we look ahead, we extend an invitation to all attendees to become part of the Delta40 community and get involved in our mission. Whether through investment opportunities, support for portfolio growth, or engagement in ecosystem events, there are numerous ways to contribute to our collective vision of driving positive change in Africa.

Building on the success of the inaugural dinner, we're excited to announce our plans for additional Investor Dinners later this year. These events will continue to serve as a platform for connection, collaboration, and empowerment within the Delta40 community.

For more information please reach out to us with the contact information below. Thank you again for being part of our community. 

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