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Our Portfolio 

We have provided venture building support and investment into the following companies

Our Delta40 Direct Investment Portfolio 

We have provided venture building support and investment into the following companies

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Node Bio

An affordable, safe, drought-tolerance agricultural application, applied to plants and soil that influences adaptation to weather fluctuations, increasing overall crop yields by >30% in multiple soil and crop applications.

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Giraffe Bioenergy

Establishing a commercial demonstration cassava to fuel ethanol system producing 3.5 million litres of ethanol cooking fuel (ECF) annually displacing the detrimental use of charcoal and kerosene in Kenya. 

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Making fish the protein of choice in East Africa through a scalable chain of retail shops

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Designing household appliances that offer cleaner cooking alternatives, the first being a line of electric pressure cookers designed specifically for sub-Saharan African markets. 

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CleanCrop Africa

Deploying Clean Crop’s patented cold plasma technology to treat seeds prior to those seeds being sold to farmers, to improve yields in stressed conditions by >20% while increasing the cost of the seed by <5%. 

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Revolutionizing the market for second life solar and electric appliances in Africa. GreenBay will serve as a dedicated marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of second-life and certified pre-owned solar home systems, and electric appliances.


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Post-Investment Support Portfolio

We are providing ongoing post-investment support to ventures across Africa

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On a mission to empower people and protect the planet through access to renewable energy, BioLite has developed an advanced, affordable, clean- burning stove that combines emissions reductions with valuable electricity generation.

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Digital marketplace for solar products, installers and financiers to drive clean energy adoption and productive use.

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Providing a digital marketplace where farmers, market brokers, aggregators, food business and consumers can grow, buy and sell a wide variety of quality produce.

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Containerized data centers for decentralized clean energy projects in Africa that serve as a buyer of first or last resort to enhance profitability and energy access.

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