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Sustainable growth and nourishment

Decosting aquaculture technology to radically decrease the cost of fish-based protein in Africa and reduce methane emissions.


Founder: Clinton Obura


About Founder

Clinton has 10+ years of experience in go-to-market, strategy, business development, operations, and marketing roles at fast growing companies like Google, Uber and Elephant Healthcare. He most recently led Commercial & Growth at Elephant Healthcare, where he scaled across Kenya and into 4 new markets across Africa & Middle East.


Traditional fish production costs are high, hindering affordability for consumers, particularly in underprivileged markets. Samaking recognizes the urgent need for innovative approaches to make fish more accessible and environmentally friendly


Making fish more affordable and accessible across East Africa, aiming to provide the most environmentally friendly animal protein. We're supporting Samaking in reducing fish production costs and experimenting with new sales approaches in underprivileged markets

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