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Clean energy

Digital marketplace for solar products, installers and financiers to drive clean energy adoption and productive use.


Founders: Rotimi Thomas & Tomiwa Igun


About Founder

With a diverse background in project development, entrepreneurship, wealth management, and large infrastructure investments across continents, Rotimi and Tomiwa have led a gas-to-power investment desk, managed projects for global giants, and co-founded Aspire Power Solutions.


As fuel prices continue to skyrocket and electricity tariffs increase, protecting your wallet from these costs is important. SunFi offers an affordable and reliable solution that shields you from the financial burden of rising fuel and electricity expenses.


Never be left in the dark again. Whether you're a remote worker, a family of five, or a business owner, SunFi allows you to rise above constant grid collapses and keep the lights on in your home and business With our payment plans, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without stress.

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