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Pocket trees

Carbon removals through sustainable forestry on underutilized land


Internal Venture

Pocket Trees

About Founder

Delta 40 is a Venture Studio that focuses on investing in technology-enabled energy, agriculture, and mobility ventures in Sub Saharan Africa that tackle climate change and increase income. 


Urban professionals with underutilized land face barriers in venturing into tree farming, including a lack of guidance, difficulties in sourcing high-quality seedlings, and challenges in monitoring tree growth remotely. The current absence of a streamlined solution hinders the widespread adoption of tree planting efforts.


Pocket Trees will support urban professionals with underutilized land upcountry to venture into tree farming, with AI-enabled site selection, deliveries of high quality seedlings, remote monitoring, and annual carbon-backed payments. We have validated this idea through customer and stakeholder interviews and built partnerships which will allow Pocket Trees to scale more quickly, and aim to launch a full pilot in January 2024.

Learn more about Pocket Trees on their website

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