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Delivering to farmers

the full value of their produce. 

Increasing smallholder farmer profits in Africa with a data-driven farm to fork market linkage platform.


Founders: Roy Njoka & Lovell Larbie


About Founders

Prior to founding Terra Lima, both Roy and Lovell co-founded Digiduka, an Antler-backed venture, grew the company and then realized an exit to Marketforce. They have both served as senior leaders at Market force through period of rapid 10x growth. They also bring 20+ years building, scaling, and exciting startups in e-commerce, fintec, telco, and web3.


Kenya’s farmers only receive 10% of the value from the sale of their produce and yet they take on all of the risk


Building a technology platform to tackle inefficiencies, minimize risk and deliver to farmers the full value of their produce. 

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